OMS Capping System

Our constant and accurate research, designing, manufacturing and testing, as well as more than 30 years of experience in the field of bottling, allow us to manufacture high-quality and high-technology machines, which are user-friendly and very reliable over the time. OMS designs, manufactures and sells rinsing, filling and capping machines, monoblocs bottling machines and complete bottling lines for liquors, oil, sauces, spirits, juices, water, soft-drinks, detergents and foamy products and all the other liquids in general.
All the machines is produced according to CE laws and accident prevention equipment are included. All the machines have been designed to satisfy every production requirement and to process every kind of bottle and cap, with a production speed ranging from 1.000 to 25.000 BPH. OMS’s philosophy is designing and producing high-quality and high-technology, customized and user-friendly machines, keeping very competitive prices and with good customer services.