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TSB semi-automatic capping machine are in reality manual desk machines. They can be supplied in two versions: AV version, suitable to close aluminium screw caps type pilfer proof (ROPP) thanks to the 4 rollers closure head (fully manufactured in inox-steel) ideal for closures PFP type with diameter up to 45mm. VP version suitable to close a pre-threaded plastic caps through magnetic friction head (with closing torque adjustable up to 50 lbs), ideal for closing caps having max diam. 40mm.In VP version, the container is kept blocked during capping by a pneumatic stop bracket. The machine manufactured and certified as per CEE is feeded on 230 V – 50/60 Hz mono-phase or 380 V – 50/60 Hz tri-phase (and 2,5 compressed air for VP version) and by simple and quick adjustments, it is convenient to treat bottle sizes varying from min. height 50mm to max height 350mm.


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